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the x86 BeOS gameboy emulator

download the latest release

Download the latest release of BeGameboy ! BeGameboy Release 0.63 notes

Joystick handler bug correction(?). I choosed the action associated to the 4 buttons randomly, because i can't test them. If it works, please send me an e-mail. Also other minor bugs corrections.

BeGameboy features

Gameboy color, Gameboy classic and Super gameboy emulation
.GB .GBC and other formats of gameboy roms
All scanline effects are supported
Start/Reset/Pause emulation
Save/Load state
Zoom display x1, x2 or x4
Frameskip : realtime or x1,x2,x3
Keyboard and Joystick support, with menu driven keyboard configuration
Full multithreading
15 bits windowed display
Fake scanline display(funny CRT effect)
BeOS x86 R4.x
Legal information about Nintendo, Gameboy, and BeGameboy

Gameboy is a registered trademark of Nintendo.

BeGameboy is actually a freeware. However, if you enjoy it, and think i have done a good work, why not rewarding me by sending me a kind e-mail ?

You can contact me at:
cinati@caramail.com or david.raingeard@etu.univ-tours.fr

Updates list - history


Buggy 4 button joystick support
Full multithreading.


Load/Save state support implemented
Gameboy type(Color, super, classic)
Frameskip (x1,x2,x4,x8)
Display : size x1,x2,x4 and/or with the funny CRT effect :)
Keyboard configuration is now menu driven
Rom information


Gameboy color support
Better internal timing


Better internal timing
All scanline effects are now supported
More & more compatible :-)
Faster Window and Background display


Window bug correction(Double dragon...)
Configuration file : color, keyboard and cheats(config.cfg)
Lots more compatible (Gameboy core)
Greets for the support :) (Check the About box)


GUI support
Do not need SDL anymore( kewl :))

Not very usable version of BeGameboy

Download old releases of BeGameboy Old BeGameboy releases
Old release BeGameboy 0.62
Old release BeGameboy 0.60

Special thanks to

Michael Melloff
Andreas Wasserman(BeGameboy logo)
Christian Corona
Fabrice Guix
Kevin Loughin
Michael Miller
Thies Arndt(other BeGameboy logo)
and all the others

for their support and comments.


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